Four and a HALF

On the eve before Thanksgiving, we invited ourselves over to Cook Cook’s to make some pies.  She’s such a good sport.


The girls had a good time and Jeanette even make an extra pie – strawberry – at Macy’s request.

That night, Jeff and a friend took Macy to get some Thai iced teas (you can take us out of Asia, but you can’t take the Asia out of us) and on the way there realized that today (yes, today!) was Macy’s four and a HALF birthday.

She was elated.

Jeff took her to Kroger and got her this Cinderella coloring book she’s been asking for for weeks.  Then he bought an entire box of chocolate covered cherries, brought her home, stuck candles in them, and we sang happy birthday.



All of this, of course, was done in pajamas.  At least they’re stylish, right?

At four and a half, Macy loves –

Coloring.  In coloring books, on blank sheets of paper, on the board she got last year for Christmas.

Reading.  Listening to me read books to her or reading by herself.  She’s been learning how to read and I’ve been amazed at her progress.

Music.  She has lots of favorite songs and is starting to quickly take over my iPod.

Doing puzzles.  The harder, the better.  She rarely gets discouraged by them and seems to have fun even if they take a little while to complete.

Gymnastics.  She loves to jump, swing, forward and backward roll, and do handstands.  She has no fear.  This makes me nervous and proud all at the same time.

Dance.  Tap, ballet, getting to wear a tutu – I’m not sure it gets any better.  She likes to teach me dance in the kitchen with her ballet shoes on.  “Mommy.  Plie.  1st position.  Plie.  2nd position.  Plie.  Now passe.”  I love it.

Being outside.  Making new friends.  Wearing high heels.  Wearing glitter.  Getting her nails painted.  I could go on and on.

I love you my beautiful, smart, funny Macy girl.  Happy four and a half years to you.



2 thoughts on “Four and a HALF

  1. As I lay beside her tonight waiting for her breathing to get heavy, I thought of what a joy and pleasure her excitement for life is to me.

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