23 Months

Well, it seems like my Selah girl is not so much of a baby anymore.  I realized this the day she looked at me and said – I do it myself.

Oh, no.

We’re just a bit shy of Selah’s official 23 month birthday, but I figured today was still a good day to post some Selah pics.


I love it when I walk into Macy’s room and there is Selah with a stack full of books, quietly reading to herself.  Whose child is this?!  Sometimes she’ll sit in there for 20 minutes – which to a mommy, feels like an eternity.  Ooh, I just want to eat her up.


We also enjoy looking at our books with sunglasses on.  You know, just in case it gets too bright.


Don’t forget to have some fun during your day.  At Macy’s gymnastics class playing in the pit.


And then, before bed, let’s do some puzzles.  This is the one she’s mastered recently – a choo-choo train that was given to Macy by Cook Cook.  It was one of her favorites too.

Night, night Selah.  I love you my sweet, beautiful, snuggly little girl.


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