A Very Pink Christmas

My mother made Christmas magical.  Every inch of the house was transformed by decorations complete with a beautiful tree.  She had a knack for buying gifts that were thoughtful and fun and filling your stocking with extra surprises.  We would come home from overseas a few days before Christmas – the lights were out, the tree was up, and all the presents were already wrapped.  I would have sent home a list of things I needed to get for other family members and my mom would have already shopped for me and had options ready to go.  She knew where everything went – every ornament, the extra ribbon, and the classic nativity scene she displayed.

So when Thanksgiving was over, I looked around and felt overwhelmed.  How in the world was I going to do Christmas the way she did?

So for this year, I didn’t.

For one thing, I’m still having trouble just finding things.  Around the second week of December, Macy started to ask me where our Christmas tree was.  I had planned on getting it out, and figured now was as good a time as any.  That was no problem to find – right next to several boxes of ornaments (I only chose one to go through) – and so the tree went up.  A few days after that, I realized I hadn’t found the stockings.  Hmm.  I sent Jeff back up in the attic to hunt.  After going through a couple of other boxes, those were also located.

The tree wasn’t quite as elegant as when my mom would do it, but it was still nice to have it up.

Posing with our Christmas jammies (another one of my mom’s traditions)…




On Christmas Eve, it was a little surreal to be the one setting out the stockings and figuring out what in the world I was going to stuff them with.  For so long, this was mom’s thing – I felt a little like I was a little girl trying to walk in her mother’s high heels.  One step at a time, hoping I was doing it right.

We celebrated Christmas day at Jeff’s parent’s house.  Trying to get a shot of all the cousins together is getting more and more challenging by the year.  I think this is the only one where Selah is actually looking at the camera.


And one where she’s almost smiling…


We went back home with a very sleepy Selah to open more gifts.  After it was all said and done, Jeff looked around the room and said – I’m pretty sure everything they got was pink.

And he was right.  Whew.  I can only imagine what next year will look like.  🙂

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


3 thoughts on “A Very Pink Christmas

  1. Very sweet pictures. Love those pajama pictures and beautiful faces. Pink and pinker! We will just have to wait and see what (pink)x3 looks like.

  2. remembering you during this time of grief & continued transition & adjustment.
    so sweet to spend time with you the other day. appreciate your heart & thankful for the opportunity to spend time with you & yours.

  3. “Firsts” without your loved ones are the toughest. So sweet to read of the continuation of family traditions that were important to all of you. I know there will be many more firsts to come and many more tears to shed along with the many joys and blessings that come your way. You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

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