Two Years of Selah

It seems impossible that my baby girl turned two years old today.  But she did it anyway.


Present time…


…with the help of big sister. 🙂



Wow.  There are a lot of people singing at me.


Blow our your candles, Selah!

IMG_9985 crop

IMG_9747 (2)


Quick family shot.  Although Selah looks more ready to eat her cake than take a picture.

At two years old, Selah –

Talks in complete sentences.  Mommy, can I buy it?  I want my doggy.  No, Macy – don’t do that!  I go outside?  My shoe fell!

Is reciting her books right along with me.  Favorites include – her children’s Bible, The Napping House, Shoe La La, Please Baby Please, Barnyard Dance, Doggies, and any Spot books

Knows her colors and some shapes.

Can name every Disney Princess – including the characters of Frozen.  (maybe she’s spending too much time with Macy)

Counts to ten.

Loves to sing songs and listen to music.

Wants to choose her clothes in the morning.  “I wear kitty cat shirt?”  We wore that one yesterday, Selah.  How ’bout another one?  “Ballerina shirt?”

Says, “I do it myself!” at least ten times a day.

Still snuggles.

We love you, our sweet, wonderful Selah girl.  Happy birthday to you.


One thought on “Two Years of Selah

  1. too cute! i especially love the picture of her going for the cookie cake while the rest of you smile for the camera! 😛
    happy birthday Selah! you’re a wonderful gift to your mommy, daddy, Macy… & the world!

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