My First Texan

I can remember writing the stories of my first two girls from a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand.  I think I even sat in the same chair at the same tiny kitchen table, balancing my new baby in my lap as I typed.  I remember my mother sitting on the couch reading a book.  It’s strange now to be sitting in my own kitchen writing this one.  While I can’t help but be a little sad that my newest sweet girl will not have the same story, I know that she will have her own story.  And it’s up to me to help her know and remember it.

Around midnight on March 31, I woke up in some pain.  By this point, I’d had weeks of Braxton Hicks contractions and wasn’t sure if the pain really meant anything.  But when I couldn’t go back to sleep by 2:30 am, I woke up Jeff.  I walked around a bit, making sure my girls’ bags were packed and that my bag had everything in it.  I emptied the dishwasher.  I cleaned up the playroom a bit.  And then it was time to go in to the hospital and see if this was the real deal.

We arrived about four am.  I went into triage and asked if I could walk around for a while to try and help things progress.  About two hours later, I was admitted.  I wanted to keep walking and after they checked everything, the nurse said that was fine.  Jeff and I slow walked – round and round and round – the labor and delivery floor, but this baby girl was in no hurry to come out.  After some encouragement (i.e. pitosin), she was ready to make her appearance.  And believe you me, I was ready.

At 4:29 pm, my beautiful Kate Lauren made her appearance in this world.  At only five pounds and fourteen ounces, she is my earliest and tiniest baby.  She looked just like a baby doll.  It was an entirely different experience than in Thailand.  There, they took a quick photo of the three of us and then whisked the baby off to elsewhere (“Jeff, follow that baby!”) and I was sent to recovery.  Here they cleaned her up a little and then gave her back to me.  It was so sweet – getting to snuggle her that quickly.  They gave us quite a bit of time before asking if it was okay to take her to the nursery to clean her up.

But not before we took a couple of photos…




Welcome to the world, my precious little girl.  We love you so much.


2 thoughts on “My First Texan

  1. ahhhh, welcome Kate!
    she is absolutely precious… & so, so tiny!
    it’s such a sweet joy to see you 3 & to hear of her safe delivery!
    thank you for sharing with me (& the rest of the waiting world!).

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