Kate Comes Home

After Kate was born, her first visitors were none other than her grandparents and her sisters.  I was so ready to see my big girls – Jeanette had gone beyond the call of duty and driven to our house at 5:30 in the morning to be there when my dad needed to leave for work.  She had gotten the girls ready, fed them breakfast, packed up all the stuff in the car and gotten them to school.  Then, she’d picked them up, entertained them for a while, and now it was time to come and see baby Kate.

When they arrived in my hospital room, Selah ran right to me and got up beside me on the bed.  But Macy was timid and stood by the door.  It had not occurred to me that the last time Macy spent any real time in a hospital room was with mom.  I didn’t blame her for being nervous.

“Macy!” I called to her.  “I’m fine, baby girl.  I just had baby Kate so I’m resting in this bed.  Come here!  I want to give you a hug!”

This seemed to help a little.  She inched her way over closer to me and after a little more coaxing, I got her up in my bed.

My sweet girl.

They all went to get a bite to eat before coming back to say goodbye.  Selah was okay with leaving, but Macy was heartbroken.

“I want to stay with my mommy!  Mommy, come with us!  I want Mommy!”

It broke my heart too.

Getting a good night’s sleep right after giving birth in a hospital bed is an oxymoron.  Between just feeling exhausted and sore, having a newborn to feed every couple of hours, and having a nurse come in to check your blood pressure and do some oh-so-special blood work at 4 in the morning, let’s just say I didn’t get much rest.

But the next morning I was able to take my IV out, take a shower, and put on some regular clothes (praise the Lord!) just in time to have some visitors.



How can you resist this face?



Also sometime that morning, my doctor stopped by to check on me.  She told me that as long as everything was fine with the baby, that we could go home whenever.  Jeff asked if she meant today and she said that was fine with her as long as Kate was cleared with the pediatrician.

Hmm.  This changed everything.

I had assumed that I would stay in the hospital two nights.  My first thought was that I should stay – to get the extra rest, to feel more recovered before I went home.

Then I thought back to the night before.  Maybe not so much on the rest part.

To add to that – and probably way more importantly – I could not imagine my two big girls coming back up to the hospital, seeing me, and being happy to leave without me again.  I thought about how happy they would be if I was home.

And that cinched it.

They took Kate to do her final blood work at 4:30 pm (24 hours after her birth) and then brought her back.  We waited about an hour for the results, which were fine, completed a bunch of paperwork and then said goodbye to the fabulous nursing staff.

It was time to enter the real world.


 In Thailand, I walked out of the hospital both times.  I had my sweet new baby girl strapped to me in my sling and I got into a bright pink taxi to take me back to the hotel.

It’s a little bit different in the US.

Once we got home, it was time for a photo shoot.





Yes, I have not even managed to get my hospital bracelets off yet.  Oops.



Of course, it was a bit stressful for the first hour or so – baths to be taken, laundry to be done, bags to be unpacked, baby stuff to be assembled.  But I had a lot of help and by the end of the night, I was so happy we had made the decision to come home early.

Time to learn how to be a family of five.  Too bad I couldn’t find my manual.  🙂

Welcome home, baby Kate.


4 thoughts on “Kate Comes Home

  1. oh my goodness… let me just say, I can’t believe how much beautiful, dark hair Kate has!!! too, too precious!
    it does indeed look & sound like a whirlwind delivery & hospital stay.
    made me tear up as you shared Macy’s struggle at the hospital.
    sweet mama to do what was best for her big girls, even though it wasn’t the easiest.
    certainly grateful for your ability to reunite “at home” and begin life with your newest one.
    of course, all this excitement of baby Kate’s arrival makes me miss being there with y’all & celebrating together.
    until we can… get some rest friends!
    btw: you have just over 3 years to accomplish the “rest” part! 😉

  2. This is so sweet, Amy. We are thrilled for you guys!! I hope we get to meet Kate while she is still a baby. Blessings to the FIVE of you! So fun!!

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