Newborn Diapers

Dear Kate,

Tonight I put on your first size 1 diaper.  It’s a little big, but we have run out of the newborn ones and it didn’t make sense to buy another huge box of them.  Nevertheless, it made your mommy a little bit sad.

Your daddy and I prayed for you.  We prayed for you before we even knew you were and then we kept on praying once we found out you were on your way.  I can remember the moment I knew I was pregnant with you; I ran down the stairs with a goofy smile on my face to tell your daddy.  Some people come up with creative ways to tell their spouse the good news, but I couldn’t hold it in one second longer.  We were elated to know you were coming.

When you came, you were my tiniest baby.  You looked like a baby doll.  And you hardly cried – even after being born, you only wailed for a minute and then were quiet as they checked you out.  When the nurse handed you to me, I fell in love with your sweet, sweet face.  I couldn’t believe you were finally here.

We brought you home in a teeny-tiny newborn onesie – which was too big – swaddled up in a pink blanket even though it was warm outside.  Your sisters couldn’t get enough of you and clamored for your attention.  In typical newborn style, you slept through the whole thing.

And now that you are out of your newborn diapers and through your first month of life, I already feel a little sad that time is passing by too quickly.  The next thing I know, we’ll be adjusting your car seat straps, seeing you smile, and washing your newborn size onesies and putting them away for good.  Even though I have done these milestones twice, it does not make them any less special getting to do them again with you.  If anything, it makes me appreciate you more – it makes me stop, think, and thank God that He has given you to me and that I get to experience this motherhood thing one more time.

I love you, my tiny, beautiful, perfect Kate Lauren.




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