Three Times a Mother

Of course, celebrating Mother’s Day will never quite be the same as it used to be.  I find it a little difficult to even be on the card aisle – my eyes can’t help but notice the “To Mother, From Daughter” section.

And so, it makes me even more thankful to have my daughters.

With three now, I thought it might be less stressful to take our “Mother’s Day” pictures on Saturday rather than Sunday.  We had nowhere to go that morning and my mother’s roses looked just about perfect for the background.

IMG_0596 crop

IMG_0599 crop

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  We love you and miss you every day.


One thought on “Three Times a Mother

  1. what beautiful, sweet pictures! can’t hardly believe how all your girls are growing! they’re adorable!
    so thankful you were able to convince Jeff to capture this sweet memory.
    and by the way, you look great!
    remembering you as you continue to grieve & celebrate.

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