Macy is Five!

When I turned five, a precious lady at our church told me that I was now a whole hand big.  I can remember holding up my five fingers and thinking, wow – that IS big.

And now, my baby is one whole hand big.

On her actual birthday, we celebrated with Buddy and Cook Cook.


Rapunzel dress for present opening


And then a quick change to the Elsa dress once the presents were open.  Cook Cook made Macy her very own Elsa cape.  Amazing.




Two days later was her preschool graduation.




Congratulations Macy!


Hold your diploma up, Macy!


And then a party with her school friends


Bless Amber for grabbing my camera and taking a quick shot of the three of us – I never would have remembered!


Happy birthday, my Macy girl!

At five years old, Macy loves:

Flowers.  Picking them, organizing them, coloring them.

Anything outside.  Swimming, running, playing, sand boxes, sidewalk chalk, helping with Daddy’s garden.

Having her hair Elsa braided.  And then having it wavy for the next day.

Reading.  Favorites include Chrysanthemum, anything D.W., The Lorax, There’s a Nightmare in My Closet, Where the Wild Things Are, The Day the Crayons Quit.

Disney Princesses.  And Frozen.

Drawing and coloring.  Stickers are a bonus.


Her sisters – mostly telling Selah what to do and “taking care” of Kate.

Singing.  All the time.  Songs from Frozen, songs from the radio, songs she’s made up.

Oh – and the color pink.  How could I forget that? 🙂

I love you, my beautiful, independent, strong-willed baby girl.  Happy birthday.


2 thoughts on “Macy is Five!

  1. happy birthday Macy!
    you’re a blessing to your family & all who know you!
    God has graciously cared for you & we’re excited to see how he continues to lavish his goodness on you as you grow into a little lady.
    happy “whole hand” big!

  2. I had read this on my phone, but had not seen the pictures until now. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures of our Macy girl. Love, Cook Cook aka Jeanette aka mom Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 17:52:41 +0000 To:

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