100 Days of Kate

Around the time Kate was two months old, I started thinking about how we could get her some 100 day photos.  I figured I could just take some, but let’s be honest – my camera skills are very limited.  I’m a point and shoot kind of girl with a candy prize if you smile.  I needed an expert.  And so I called my friend, Emily.

So while Macy was at VBS (I figured being down a kid couldn’t hurt), Emily shot some photos of my sweetheart.  She did an AMAZING job.  Seriously.

IMG_2233 copy


IMG_2308 copy

IMG_2350 copy


IMG_2367 copy

IMG_2411 copy


IMG_2418 copy


IMG_2438 copy


IMG_2339 copyIMG_2441 copy

And then there were some outtakes (which of course, I super love) –


IMG_2352 crop





Happy 100 (ish) days of you, Kate.  We love you, our sweet baby doll.


One thought on “100 Days of Kate

  1. ahhhh…. ohhhhhh… I love them!
    she’s absolutely beautiful & I’m so grateful you were able to capture this sweet season with her!
    (…& a few of your “big girls” too)

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