The Three O’Clock Wall

Please tell me I am not the only mother who feels the three o’clock wall. You know, that time of day where your brain starts thinking – what else can I do with these little people? I have entertained you all day, fed you two or three times already, and you are still looking at me for things to do. Seriously?!

Most days I have planned out in my head a fun morning activity. Splash pad, playground, play date with friends, running errands (it gets us out of the house at least). Then in a whirlwind it’s time for lunch, Selah is melting down, the baby needs to eat again, and Macy needs to go to the bathroom. My brain is a flurry of activity. Change diapers. Clean up lunch. Feed Kate. Change diapers again. Get Selah in bed. Find Selah’s blanket and then get her in bed. You get the idea.

And then my favorite part of the day. Naptime. Selah sleeps. Kate sleeps. (Though not always at the same time, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.) Macy either colors, reads, plays quietly or watches a show. The house is quiet. Amen.

Let’s just pause and reflect on how wonderful this is.

But then comes three o’clock. Selah’s up. Kate’s up. Everyone has had a snack. Including Kate.

And the little eyes are back on me. What can we do now, Mom?


Some days when I’m feeling like an overachiever, we will do yet another fun activity. More playground or swimming at our friend’s pool. I’ll set up the sprinklers outside, re-sunscreen them, and pull their bathing suits from out of the laundry room.  But some days it is too hot, or I’m tired from getting up with one of the kiddos the previous night and I just don’t quite feel like getting back out. In the car, outside, whatever.

So today we play Legos. In our living room.


Serious concentration.


Building a tower.


Maybe they should always play like this.  The back to back thing seems to be working.


Look, Mom!  I made a house with me and Selah next to it!  (Blue elephant courtesy of Daddy and giant tower made the last time I pulled these Legos out)


And Kate looks on.

So this is what we are doing today during our three o’clock wall.  It’s working for now, but I’m sure eventually Selah will destroy something Macy has made and we will have chaos once again.

Is it four o’clock yet?



2 thoughts on “The Three O’Clock Wall

  1. it seems that as they get older they need less entertaining. I’ve learned that around 4:30 when I need to start thinking about dinner (& everyone’s hit the wall) it’s often helpful to put in a 30 minute video. 😉

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