Six Months

It doesn’t seem possible that my baby girl is already six months old. It feels as though I was just telling people that she was coming, bringing her home from the hospital, learning how to survive with three kids instead of two.

And yet, despite my feelings on the subject, Kate celebrates six months of life today. What a booger.

At six months, Kate –

Is probably still my smallest baby. I couldn’t tell you for sure, but she is still sporting most of her three month clothes.

Is a mama’s girl. If I try to hand her off and leave the room, it is not ok. 😥

Can flip from her belly to her back. But only when I don’t have my phone ready to video it.

Smiles at every person she meets.

Is my least scheduled and most laid back. The only thing that really bothers her are long amounts of time in her car seat.

Laughs the loudest at her sisters. I can get a good chuckle or two, but no one gets her going like Selah.

Poses like a champ.




We love you our sweet baby doll. Happy six months to you.


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