Selah Turns Three!

My darling Selah,

How could you already be three years old?!  This year you had two requests – a birthday party and a Tinkerbell birthday cake.  Done and done.

IMG_1607 IMG_1611 IMG_1619

As a bonus, Chick-fil-a gifted you your very own ice cream sundae.  Which, of course, you shared with Macy.



IMG_1628 IMG_1631 IMG_1635

Snuggling up with your sweet friend, Presley



Opening presents at home

My Selah, you are such a compassionate and thoughtful girl. In your class, your teachers refer to you as the “mommy” or the “teacher” because you know all of the rules and remind your classmates of them – in a “please don’t do that, you might get hurt” kind of way.  You have the most beautiful smile, but do not love posing for pictures.  You’d rather be playing outside and picking up frogs or worms or bugs.  You’re more cautious than your older sister – and for that, Mommy is very grateful.  You prefer meat to bread and love all kinds of fruit (more than veggies).  You love to color, paint, draw, sing songs, do puzzles and read books.  I think you would sit in my lap forever and read with me.  Sometimes I even see you reading books out loud to Kate.

We love you, sweet girl.  Happy third birthday.




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