The Santa Hat Pictures

Jeanette has a picture of every grandchild wearing a Santa hat sitting on her bed at Christmastime.  I don’t know how it started, but it is just about the cutest tradition ever.  The kiddos who were born closer to Christmas – like Haley, Daniel, and even Braeden – are just these teeny little things with barely any facial expression.  The May girls (Macy, Grace and Avery) all have bright smiles and are sitting up right.  And since Kate and Selah are the “oldest” by December – they also have plenty of twinkle in their eye.



The original.




And mini-me.  Or should I say mini-Macy?  Maybe they just look so much alike because they are both looking up and to the right.  Hmm.


And one extra of Kate just because. So much cuteness.


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