A Very Disney New Year

This holiday season has seen a lot of Kate firsts.  First picture with Santa, first time opening a present, first time going to Christmas Eve service.  And then we took her on her first vacation.  It was 9 months in the making.

Of course, the first thing we had to do was take our picture with Mickey Mouse.

DDR-150102-Mickey_6x8-15089050 DDR-150102-Mickey_6x8-15089053

And then the next day was princess day.





I was actually the most excited about Tinkerbell, because Selah had just her birthday party – complete with Tinkerbell cake topper.

On beach day, Selah decided that she wasn’t posing for any more pictures.  Even with Minnie Mouse.  Hence the frown on her face.



That was until we got to the water.


I did manage to get a small smile for Pluto –


Final family pose.

DDR-150104-MM_Formal_8x10-15121762 IMG_1803

Overall, Kate voted the trip a success.  She even ended the trip with a certificate from the nursery awarding her the “most friendly” baby award.  It’s the smile, I think.  🙂


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