My Darling Kate

Dear Kate,

As I sit here on the floor watching you play with your toys, I am a little bit in denial that today is really your birthday.  Okay, okay.  A lot of denial.

There are so many clichés floating around about time moving too quickly – before you blink they’ll be grown, don’t wish time away, no time to lose, there’s no time like the present – and yet none of these really sum up the way that I feel knowing that the first year of your life has already passed me by.  You are my third beautiful girl, my precious jewel, my snuggly baby.  The Lord gave you to me in a time where I felt so sad and so lonely and through carrying you in my womb and watching you grow up, I have felt joy and seen over and over again how the Lord is good.

IMG_4599 IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4605

At one year old you like –

Being outside in the grass.

Eating the grass.  Or leaves.  Or pine needles.

Splashing in the bathtub.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Reading/chewing on books.

Little People/Duplos.

Food – chicken, cheese, fruit, veggies, yogurt bites.  Trying to work the sippy cup is also pretty entertaining.

Singing/listening to music.

Watching Macy & Selah run around.

Mommy holding you.

And things you do not like –

Changing clothes.

Changing your diaper.

Having something taken away from you.

Sitting in the car seat for long periods of time.

Words you’ve said: ma-ma, da-da, pa-pa, hi, baby and ball

You are still crawling to get around – probably because Mommy carries you around so much.  But you’ve started pulling up and I am afraid that walking is not too far away in your future.  You play well by yourself, but you definitely prefer for Mommy to be in the vicinity.  You still like to fall asleep all swaddled up and have started to love on your “baby” – a pink hippo with the same face as Macy’s giraffe and Selah’s horse.  You’ve had your two bottom teeth for a while now, and just today I noticed a small white dot poking through on the top left.  Guess you’ll be getting a new tooth before we know it.

I love you my darling girl.  Happy, happy birthday to you.



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