The Architect

When your kids are first born, you imagine them being good at the same things you were good at.  Loving the same things you do and having difficulty with the same things that challenged you.  This is, in fact, not the way it works.

From my earliest memories, I loved to read.  I brought a book with me wherever I went – on airplane rides, out to dinner with my family, in the car riding to the grocery store (which was less than 5 minutes).  If I got to class early in college, I sat in the hallway next to the classroom and read a book.  That was not on my reading list for class.

So when I found out I was pregnant, I read.  I read books, I read articles, I read blogs.  When Macy was born, I read to her.  We read Spot, Brown Bear, Hungry Caterpillar, Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon and every Sandra Boynton book we could get our hands on.  When she got older, we read Madeline, Chrysanthemum, Cat in the Hat, Make Way for Ducklings, The Lorax, Where the Wild Things Are.  And now we’re slowly working through all the Judy Blume books – Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great, Superfudge, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

And even though it’s evident Macy has enjoyed and still enjoys reading books, it is looking more and more like math may be her thing.  When your grandmother is a math major, I guess you come by it honestly.  🙂  We’ve been blessed with an amazing (I mean, AMAZING) kindergarten teacher and through her we’ve seen Macy’s reading skyrocket – and we’ve noticed that this math stuff keeps coming a little easier.

In fourth grade, I got my very first B.  I still remember the day I got it.  I still remember the teacher’s name.  I still remember the subject – math.  That was probably the point that I realized my math skills weren’t coming to me as easily as my reading.  Books were my love and all these numbers just didn’t quite add up.

So while it’s a little strange having a math-y girl for a daughter, it makes me uber proud.  She does her math homework without blinking an eye.  She adds numbers in her head without thinking about it.  And the girl builds Legos faster than I ever could.  Her spatial reasoning skills (where I always struggled) are awesome.  Maybe one day I’ll have her packing my suitcases.  🙂

Latest Lego creations –

photo(26) photo(25) photo(24)

This girl can read herself some Lego directions.  Sometimes she’ll ask me for “help” and I’ll lean over the directions.  By the time I’ve figured out exactly what to do, she’s moved on to the next step.  When there’s a problem, she’s able to retrace her steps, figure out where she went wrong and rebuild.

I’m such a proud mama.


(Insert a couple of days while real life gets in the way of me publishing this blog)


Tonight’s homework –

photo(28) photo(27)

I just stood over her and watched her complete it.  At the end, I gave her a high five.  I’m going to need her as a tutor when she grows up.  🙂


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