Every year, Macy’s school does a book character parade on the Friday before Halloween.  It’s a really fun day for the kiddos – they get to dress up as their favorite character and carry the book with them in a parade outside while all the parents cheer them on.

Last year, she wanted to be Elsa.  I told her that she was supposed to pick a book that she likes and then be a character from that book.  What about Pinkalicious? I asked.  What about Ladybug Girl?

No, I want to be Elsa.


In the end, she was one of the girls from Shoe-La-La, one of her favorite books.  She was so, so cute in her Shoe-La-La outfit, but she was so, so unhappy with me when there were fifty other girls that got to dress up as Elsa.  It was a sad day for all of us.

This year, I asked her who she wanted to be for the book character parade.  I braced myself for the answer.

“I think I want to be Pinkalicious,” she said.

Hallelujah! The only thing that we had to purchase were the wings and the wand.  Everything else just so happens to be in Macy’s closet.  🙂


IMG_8399 (2)


Happy book character parade!  Here’s to Pinkalicious!


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