Happy Birthday Grandma!

In celebration of Grandma’s birthday today, I thought I’d do some interviewing.

What do you like best about Grandma?

Macy – We go to the park sometimes.  And pick flowers.

Selah – I like picking flowers with her.  And taking pictures with her.  And taking a bath at her house.

But what do you like about her?

Macy – She bakes things that are sweet.  And sometimes me and Selah get to share licking the spoon.  And we get to – you know that little thing that mixes everything up – we get to lick the mixers.  Selah gets to lick one, I get to lick one, and Grandma gets to lick one.

Selah – I like her because she’s funny.  I like her because she’s sweet.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done with Grandma?

Macy – I like when we go outside and get the baskets and pick flowers.  My favorite flowers are the pink roses.

Selah – My favorite thing is when I go outside and pick flowers.  I like her taking me to the park.

What should we get her for a birthday present?

Macy – A new phone.

Selah – I think she would like new toys.

Macy – What about new Grandma toys? (laughs)

Selah – I would like her to have a basket thing with a poodle.

How does Grandma make you laugh?

Macy – When she’s playing with Kate and they do something funny.

Selah – She makes me laugh whenever she tells funny jokes.

How many kids does Grandma have?

Macy – Three.

Selah – She has three.

What are their names?

Macy – Jeffrey, Jennifer, and Jeremy.

Selah  – Macy, Selah, and Kate.

How many grandchildren does Grandma have?

Macy – (counting on her fingers) Seven? Eight? Nine.  We are counting Daniel’s baby sister.

Selah – We have….uh…four.  Three. Two. One.  No, no, no – let’s try again.  Avery, Grace, Dexter, Jeremy, Daniel, Laura, Alyssa, Jennifer, Haley, Braeden.  Haley’s my best friend!  Haley’s my best friend!

How old do you think Grandma is?

Macy – 40.

Selah – 26.

What do you think she likes to do?

Macy – I think she likes to come to my birthday party.  And pick flowers with me and have fun.

Selah – I think she likes to pick flowers.  She likes to give me toys.

Do you know that Grandma loves you?

Macy – Yes!

Selah – Yeah.

Do you love Grandma?

Macy – Yes!

Selah – Yes!

Kate – Hi! Grandma!


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