Red Blanket

One of the best pieces of Mommy advice I got when I was pregnant with Macy was to have a “lovie” for her to bond with.  Since our lives were so transient, it was important for her to have something to take with her in hotel rooms, on plane rides, around the world.  For Macy, it was and still is her baby – a stuffed giraffe that is so, so very loved.

So when Selah came along, I, in all my mommy wisdom, bought a new stuffed toy for her to bond with – a super cute horsie that had the same face as Macy’s stuffed giraffe.  So cute, I thought, they look like they are siblings!  It’s perfect.

Live and learn.

Another priceless mommy lesson I learned was how to swaddle a newborn to help them sleep.  This was arguably the best piece of advice I got – and it was from the Thai nurses at the hospital where Macy and Selah were born.  Apparently, we got so good at the swaddling thing that by the time Selah was a year old (yes!) she STILL wanted to be swaddled.  But by this point, the receiving blankets were just a bit too small.  So my mother pulled out a red blanket that her mother had made for me.  It was plenty big, super light and just perfect for swaddling up a one year old.  I smile just thinking about her swaddled up in red blanket.

So red blanket became Selah’s lovie.  Even after she was done with the whole swaddling thing, it became the item that we took with us in the car, on plane rides, to various hotel rooms.  It was her thing.

We’ve misplaced red blanket a couple of times.  Once in the play room, once upstairs in my bed, and once it was folded up teeny tiny at the bottom of an Easter basket where she had put some stuffed animals “to sleep”.  That last time was pretty stressful, because I literally searched every corner of the house trying to find it, and it wasn’t until a light bulb went off in my head that I remembered seeing her fold it up and put it in that basket.  Whew.

But last night was by far the worst.  We couldn’t find it at bed time and I kept searching the same places with no success.  My room, her room, Papa’s room, the play room, the bathroom, the closet – you get the picture.  I looked in the car twice and Jeff looked once and I still couldn’t find it.  I kept running through the day in my mind and the last thing I could remember was her taking it in the car to pick up Macy from school.

What if it had fallen out of the car?  What if it was on the street?  What if it was gone?  How am I going to replace it?

I thought about Hobby Lobby, and wondered if they had fabric that would be similar.  I kept racking my brain trying to remember if I had seen one of the girls bring it in from the car.

And so, for the first time that I could remember, Selah had to go to bed without it.

She actually was pretty amazing.  Jeff gave her a different blanket and she didn’t throw a fit or cry.  She just went to bed with her new blanket on top of her.

That child is unbelievable.

Before we go to sleep every night, we take turns praying.  Often we pray for our family, or school, or our teachers, friends, etc.  Sometimes we pray for people who aren’t feeling well or need help.  We pray that we would follow Jesus and obey His Word.  And last night, we prayed that we would be able to find red blanket.

“God,” I prayed, “we know that you are a God of the small things too.  We pray that you will help us to find Selah’s red blanket.”

And with that, Selah and Macy both fell asleep.

I came downstairs and glanced around the play room again and then the living room.  I just kept coming back to the car.  It’s gotta be in the car, I thought.  I just don’t remember seeing it come inside.  I decided to look one more time.

I opened up the back of the car and climbed in.  And there it was.  Red blanket.  Crumpled up underneath the middle row of seats.  I couldn’t tell you how it got there, but it didn’t matter.  Thank you Lord, I prayed immediately.  He had helped me find it less than 5 minutes after I asked.

I took it straight upstairs and laid it over Selah.  I felt so relieved. Red blanket was back.  Our God is the God of all the small things.


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