Christmas was always the most magical holiday for me growing up.  Every Christmas Eve,  we drove up to my mother’s hometown and went to Christmas Eve service with my extended family.  I loved that service.  I loved the music, I loved the reading of Luke 2, I loved the candlelight.  Nothing seemed more beautiful to me than a church filled with candles while everyone is singing “Silent Night.”

This year, we went to our home church – my mother’s church – to celebrate Christmas Eve.  Just walking up to the building, all I can think about is her.

We kept all three girls with us during the service, which made for some interesting moments – and Jeff taking Kate to the back to walk around – but when it was time for the candlelight, we made our way into a circle and watched as the candles were lit, one by one.  It’s always my favorite part.

Quick Christmas Eve photo op –

Later, a friend told me that my girls had been asking each other about the candles while I chased Kate.

Selah: Why do we do this every year?

Macy: For Jesus.

Selah: No, I think it’s because of the star.

Macy: No, Selah. It’s for Jesus being born.

Selah: I think it’s about the star.

Macy: No! It’s because Jesus was born!

Well, I guess it could be both.

Merry Christmas Eve. Thank you God for sending your son to the earth. And for the star.


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