My Valentines

On the drive home from church today, I decided it might be fun to do a little impromptu photo shoot at a park near our house. It is Valentine’s Day after all. 
Orignally, I was hoping for a good shot of Jeff and the girls. Who wouldn’t want a picture of a daddy and his three Valentines? But you know how it is with three kiddos – getting a shot of them all looking at the camera, smiling and no diaper showing is a miracle. And it wasn’t happening today. 

So I tried a different route. Surely I could get Jeff with each girl individually. Surely.


People often ask Jeff and/or me if we will keep trying to have a boy. I’m sure both of us would love a little boy if we had one, because it would mean that God had given him to us. But we feel BLESSED, oh so blessed to have each of our beautiful, amazing girls. There is something so special about a little girl and her daddy. He is, and will always be, her first Valentine. 

We did have a spare minute to try for one mommy and girls shot.


Not bad, I must say. Jeff’s skills far outweigh mine in the getting-the-girl-to-all-smile-together department. 😉

Tonight, we went out to a kids free dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I love being at dinner with my first Valentine and the one I got to marry.   

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us! ❤️❤️❤️


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