The Waiting Game

My girls love gymnastics. Flipping, swinging, jumping on trampolines – who could resist? 

For a long while, Selah had to watch Macy because she wasn’t quite old enough. I thought about doing the mom-and-me class, but I was pregnant with Kate and between the nausea and the hugeness, I wasn’t really in a good place to help Selah flip over bars and balance on the beam.

Anyway, poor Selah had to wait until she was potty trained to do gymnastics. Once I took a picture of her watching Macy longingly. Sweet, sweet girl.

Last week, I caught Kate in the same position. She stared at the kids on the balance beam looking so sad, I was reminded of Selah who also had to wait. Sometimes it’s hard to be the baby sister.

And then I wanted to compare the two shots. I don’t think of it much now, but wow, sometimes my girls really do look alike.

Oh baby girl. Soon it will be your turn. ❤️


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