So Much Go Texan

So far, we’ve had basically four Go Texan days.  I’m not sure you could ever have enough – I mean, who doesn’t want to wear their cowgirl boots and ride a pony?!

The first one was Macy’s Go Texan day – which meant free dress if you cowgirl’d it up.  For a girl who wears a school uniform every day, this was music to her ears.

Early morning pose

Then, Selah’s school had a Go Texan day as well.

Love it.

The following week, Selah’s school had two more Go Texan days – one where they performed for the parents all their cowboy songs and another where they got to ride a pony.  Yee haw!

Selah and one of her BFFs, Grayden 🙂


Practicing her pony riding skills

So if the week wasn’t awesome enough already, we were given some free rodeo tickets on Monday.  On a typical Monday night, we are home and in bed by 8 pm, but it was hard for even me to pass up a chance to take the girls to the rodeo.  Sometimes you just gotta seize the opportunity.

So Grandmommy and Buddy took care of Kate, while Jeff and I took the big girls to the rodeo.  It felt pretty strange to travel without a diaper bag, stroller, or toddler – but we really enjoyed taking the girls to everything.  It was their first time to go to the actual rodeo.  They were a little befuddled as to why the cowboy needed to rope the calf.  And wrestle him to the ground.  And ride a bull.  But fun, nonetheless.

The pony rides are always a hit

And we never miss Fun on the Farm


And the infamous barrel pic.  I was a bit sad to not have Kate for the shot.


Seeing the rodeo for the first time.  So many questions.  Why is the horse trying to kick off the cowboy?  Why is there a clown?  Why do they want to tie a rope around the baby calf?  And then cheering when the baby calf got away.  I guess we haven’t quite gotten around to the rodeo education portion of their childhood.  Oops.

Here’s to more Go Texan Days! 🙂


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