The Many Birthdays of Kate

Sometimes when you are the third baby of the family, you may not get a birthday party. You just might get three.

Kate’s actual birthday fell on a Thursday, which is our library day. So Selah, Kate and I headed to the library, checked out books, sang songs, did some reading, and played with toys. After lunch, nap and making cupcakes, it’s time for pick-up and then soccer practice. So it wasn’t until that night that we got to sing to Kate in her jammies and watch her blow out her candle.


I’d say that cupcake was pretty tasty.

The next day, a friend of mine had invited us to a small dinner party and I volunteered to bring a cookie cake for Kate. And so we had our second impromptu Kate party.

And just when we thought the fun was over, Buddy and Cook Cook swooped in to save the day and give us one last hurrah.


Present time!


With a little help from big sisters, of course



Buddy and Grandmommy gave Kate a brand new swing for the playground Jeff put up at Christmas.  So exciting!  We had to go outside and test it out.




Then back inside for another cupcake…


You really got to lean over that thing to make sure it’s blown out.  🙂

At two, Kate loves –

Her “swing-y”.  She’ll just look outside and say, “Swing-y! Swing-y!”  This means – take me outside and swing me!

Her sisters.  While they are at school, she’ll come up to me and say, “Selah? Macy?”

Her Papa.  Sometimes she actually picks him to carry her around over me.  (I don’t complain.  Sometimes my arms need the break)

Books.  “Again?” is what she says after you read a book just once.  How could I only read it just once?  You gotta hear it at least three times.  Favorites include: Please, Baby, Please, That’s Not My Kitten/Bear, Mr. Brown Can Moo, The Little Engine that Could (Choo-choo book), Pat the Bunny, and Goodnight Gorilla.

Lining up small objects into a line.  I’ve caught her taking puzzle pieces out of puzzles and lining them up oh-so-neatly into a line. So. Much. Fun.

Reorganizing.  If you can’t find something, Kate has moved it.  The good news is, sometimes when you ask her where something is – she actually remembers.  This reminds me of a time that Macy took Jeanette’s car keys and put them on top of her china cabinet in the living room.  We looked EVERYWHERE and then I finally asked Macy – Macy, have you seen Cook Cook’s car keys?  She said – oh, the Minnie Mouse keys?  I put them up here. Thank you, Macy.

The Frozen soundtrack. And the VBS CDs I still have in my car.

Coloring.  Mostly with pens and markers because I won’t let her have them.  Who wants crayons when your sisters are using markers?

Having her nails painted.  And yes, she can even sit still and let them dry.

At two years old, Kate weighs 22 pounds.  I tried looking this up on the CDC website and as far as I could tell, this puts her at the fifth percentile (or less) in weight when compared to American girls her age.  She still wears a size three diaper.  She’s a whole lot of fun in a neat little package.

She can say just about whatever she wants to say and when she says “love you” my heart just about melts.  When you ask her, “What’s your name?” she might say, “Three!” because she gets that question confused with “how old are you?”.  (She also gets confused with how old she actually is).  If you ask her again though, she’ll think about it and say, “Kate!”  She’ll pose for a picture if the camera comes out and gives her sisters (and her parents) tons of hugs and kisses.

We love you, baby Kate.  Happy, happy birthday my sweet girl.


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