April in a Flash

So April’s over.  That was fast.

Sometimes I have to use the pictures on my phone to remind myself what in the world we did for the last month. (Fair warning – this will not be my most eloquent post.  It’s simply for posterity’s sake.)

At the beginning of the month, Macy received an Exemplary Reader award at her school.  She’s been working toward this for the entire school year and it meant so much to her (and to me) to finally get that medal.

April also saw Selah start soccer. Macy played for a quick season when she was four and so I had promised Selah she could try it out when she turned four (she seemed more interested in it as a two year old than Macy was).

Here’s Selah at her first game.  She was super excited.

Then we celebrated another year of gymnastics for the two older girls.  It was Selah’s first chance to have a “show” of any kind.  Poor second kid.  By this point for Macy, she’d already done two years of dance (in my defense, one of those years was AT her preschool) and a year of gymnastics.


IMG_9186 (2)


Love these posers.  🙂

April also saw a LOT of trips to the library.  Most weeks Selah, Kate and I went twice a week.  There are times I feel guilty for not being the take-your-kids-to-the-park every day mom, but then I see my girls like this –

and I don’t feel so bad.

Goodbye April.  Now onto May – which judging by how many dots I have on my phone calendar, is not going to be much slower.  🙂


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