Three Girls

Let me be the first to say that I’m not perfect.  I get frustrated (sometimes super-frustrated), I get impatient, I get discouraged.  There are times that three kids feels like twenty – all those shoes to get on, all that stuff to carry, all of the crying and fighting and hurt feelings.  Sometimes (ok, ok, A LOT of times) I have to remind myself that all of this is just a phase, just a moment – one day they will all sleep through the night, go to the bathroom by themselves, and stop sitting in my lap and I will feel sad that the toddler/preschool years are over.

But today was Mother’s Day.  I tried not to focus on the ways they drive me crazy, but instead focused on how much I LOVE them.  How much I can’t imagine my life without them.  I couldn’t understand how my mother could give up so much for me – she’d give me her last bite of dessert, her last five bucks, her jacket if I was cold – until I became a mother.  My girls bring me so much joy and encouragement and love that I could write and write and write about it until I could write no more – and I would have barely scratched the surface of my love for them.


I love that our little family has three girls in it.  I love the pink, the dresses, the way they love and protect each other.  I love the way people’s eyes get when they see me walk in somewhere with one, two, THREE girls.  I laugh every time someone asks me if we will try again for a boy.  God has given us exactly what He wanted us to have and we are beyond blessed.  I often think about my mother and how she came from a family of three girls.  She would have thought we were crazy for having a third kid, but she would have LOVED all of them so, so much.


I love you Macy Kailyn, Selah Madeline and Kate Lauren.  I thank God every day that He let me be your mommy.


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