Selah’s Last Day

Today at Selah’s school, the preschoolers graduated and Selah’s class got to sing a few songs during the ceremony.  The entire thing was just precious – how can you not love a bunch of littles all dressed up singing songs with hand motions – but it made me a little bit sad, knowing that next year would be Selah’s last year there.  Where did the year go?

Here she is on the first day of the 3’s class –

And on the last day –

 I feel like as a middle child, it’s easier for Selah to get overlooked.  But that girl is so, so loved.  Her name fits her like a glove – to pause, to praise, to lift up.  She reminds us daily to pause, to praise and to lift up the Father who created her.  She has such a kind heart and is always quick to share with and love on the people around her – especially her sisters.  She loves to tell me things, sing songs (hand motions are a bonus), and play games.  She’s fine in a large group of kiddos, but also likes to play quietly by  herself.  She loves to read and often asks me to read a sentence first so she can copy me and “read” it all by herself.  She plays with frogs, worms, and lizards and finds great joy in playing with ladybugs and roly-poly’s.  She is not afraid of bugs – “except for wasps, because one time one stung me in the ear!” – and just today before we left for school, she found a dead roach, grabbed a napkin, and picked it up to throw away. 

So today we say goodbye to our 3’s class and to Ms. Susan and Ms. Amy, who have just done my heart good with all of their loving on Selah.  

When we come back in the fall, Selah will be a real life preschooler with only one more year before the real stuff begins.  Is she ready?  Absolutely.  Is her mommy?  Absolutely not.  But this is life.  One day at a time.  And one more day with my Selah in it is a good one.  We love you, sweet girl.  You are a good and perfect gift from the Lord.


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