Over the summer I learned two very important things:

  1. Summer with three kids at home is like running a three ring circus.
  2. Blogs do not write themselves.

This second learning point is unfortunate because of course while I am living my summer with my three kids, I am writing things in my head – trying to remember exactly what their faces look like as they run through their favorite splash pad, bottling up the sounds they make when they are giggling with their friends, and soaking in the still and quiet of the house after they’ve all crashed way, way past their bedtime.  That is summer at its best.

But these thoughts do not directly transfer themselves onto this blog, and the whole point of this thing is to keep up with the memories that we are making, and so here I am – in September (no judgement, please) FINALLY trying to get them down on paper.


During May and June, we joined the swim team again.  I had told myself we weren’t going to do it – that there was just too much going on at the end of the school year, but I caved big time when both girls begged for swimming.  I caved even more when the coaches figured out Macy was too old for guppy school and that meant we stayed at the pool for an hour – 30 minutes of 6 and under swim for Macy, where she proved that she could swim the length of the pool, and then 30 minutes of guppy school for Selah.  Kate did surprisingly well with being the only kiddo not to get in the water and helped cheer the girls on as they practiced.  We did not do any meets this year, because my sanity is already hanging by a thread, but the girls loved every minute of it.  Selah has already started asking when she can go back.

June also saw Macy getting her first gymnast of the week  –


and Father’s Day…


At the end of June, Jeff and the girls decided to make their very own butterfly garden in the backyard.  This involved lots of trips to the garden stores –


plus a little dirt and popsicles.


We also stayed busy with VBS and summer day camp for the big girls.

We sang Submerged until we could sing it no longer.

On July 4th weekend, we got to celebrate with baby Ryker and his first trip to Texas. First the corn shucking, then the baby holding.

It was super special for my girls to be holding Aunt Kasie and Uncle JB’s baby boy. So many snuggles. Mixed in with some fireworks, of course. 😊

Summer was also full of so many play dates. I’m talking a lot of play dates.

And a lot of movie nights.

Throw in some swimming and splash pads and I think I’m just about done with July and August.

Whew. Feels like bedtime to me. 😴


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