The School Year Begins

As exhausting as summer with three littles can be, I still get a little anxious when the school year is about to begin.  Out go the late nights, the spontaneous trips and the staying in your pj’s all morning and in comes the homework, the projects and the oh-so-early mornings.

That being said, I do love the first day of school.  Everything is fresh and exciting.  The clothes are new, the classrooms are super friendly and ready to go and the year is full of possibilities.  For the first time, I’ve got all three in at least part-time “school”, which meant I got to take THREE first day of school pics.  So fun.


This picture cracked me up.  She did it herself to say first day of SECOND grade (hence the two fingers), but I have so many pictures of her when she was younger doing this.  In China, everybody does the “peace” sign when taking pictures.  Back then, I couldn’t even get a picture of Macy not doing it.

Here she is on her first day of US preschool – days after coming to the States from China.



More first day of second grade pictures…


And yes, I just went ahead and embraced the navy and white theme for the girls that day.




And now the first day for the younger two –





Kate-Kate was so excited to finally get to go to big girl school.  I mean, what’s better than having your own backpack and lunch kit?!  Plus, that nap mat that I bought for Macy three years ago has really been a good investment. šŸ™‚

Happy first day of school!  Bring on the early bedtimes.  šŸ™‚



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