The Beach

For the past four months or so, we’ve been planning a trip to see our family in Florida.  My girls were BEYOND excited about seeing their aunt, uncle, and cousins and going to the beach.  Macy was going to pack her swimsuit in her carry-on so that she could change in the car and go straight to the beach when the plane landed.

But we were all thrown a huge curve ball in the form of Hurricane Hermine. I teared up when my dad called to tell me there was no way we could get on a plane to Florida, because the hurricane was on its way.  I worried about my family that lives there and how they would fare during the storm. And I had no idea how to tell the girls we weren’t going on our trip anymore.

About ten minutes later, my dad called back and asked what I thought about him transferring the tickets to another destination.  My head was still spinning, but I think I said okay.  And before I knew it, we were headed to L.A.

When I picked Macy up from school that day, I explained to the girls that we couldn’t go to Florida and they all cried.  But I want to see my cousins!  I want to find shells with my aunt!  I want to play with their doggie!  I felt terrible.  We talked through the hurricane and how life sometimes doesn’t turn out the way you expect. I promised that we would go back as soon as we could.

I tried to make it better by telling them we were going to a different city and now we would see Auntie Kasie and Uncle JB AND baby Ryker.  This cheered them up a bit.

We prayed for our family in Florida and thanked God for our papa who still wanted to take us on a family trip.

Three girls ready for take-off

Kate’s face when we first got to the beach


Hanging at the park with Kasie and Ryker…

And back at the house…

As always, the girls had such a good time with Waffles, Chai, and baby Ryker. So thankful to have Kasie and JB always willing to host us – even when we spring it on them at the last minute. They’re so flexible. 😉

Before we knew it, it was time to pack our things up and head back home. We came back super thankful for the time that we had away and with a little extra Laguna Beach sand in our suitcases. 


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