Selah Turns Five!

When we traveled back to Bangkok to have Selah, I went back to the doctor who delivered Macy in hopes that she would also deliver Selah.  During my first appointment with her, she pulled out her calendar and asked what day I would like to schedule my C-section.

Um, I was hoping to not have a C-section? I told her.

Oh, she said and paused for a second.  Then you have to go see Dr. N.  He’s the only one who will do VBAC.

And with that, we had another doctor.

I went in sometime before Selah was born just for a check-up and Dr. N. told me that he would be out of town for New Years Eve.

Well, I said, guess I’ll try and not go into labor this weekend.


It’s hard for me to believe that sweet girl was born five years ago.  As I’m sure I’ve written on here somewhere before, Jeff has always loved the name Selah and wanted to use it when we found out we were having Macy.  At first, we considered it for a middle name, Macy Selah George – until I quickly figured out her initials would be MSG.

So, we decided to save the name for our next girl.  The Lord knew that it would be the PERFECT name for our Selah girl.  People still debate over what Selah means exactly, but we like to think of it as a musical interlude, to pause and reflect over what the psalmist has written, to praise.

At five, Selah loves –

Bugs. Ladybugs, roly polys, butterflies, caterpillars.

Animals ranging from lizards, frogs, kittens, puppies, rabbits all the way to worms.

Plants/flowers.  Our friends sent her a terrarium and it was one of her favorite gifts.

Reading books.  She is able to read more and more words and will sit for a long time while we read.  Once I looked over and she was looking through her learn-to-read book by herself – teaching herself how to read.  Yes, I am serious.

Playing with and taking care of her two sisters.  I worried that I would “mess” her up by  making her a middle child, but Selah is just where she was meant to be – keeping things happy between everyone.  When Buddy and Grandmommy came over with presents just for her, both Macy and Kate were disappointed.  So Selah let them each open up almost all of her presents – I think she herself only opened two!  Then she gave away one to each of them.  This is Selah.

Legos.  This is a relatively new favorite pastime, but I think all that time watching Macy put together ice castles and such has peaked her interest in the whole thing.  She got two sets (one for Christmas and one for her birthday) and has already put them both together with very little help.  Someone needs to make these Lego projects take longer.

Running.  Selah loves to run and can actually go pretty far.

School.  She’s been blessed with amazing teachers and wonderful classmates.  She loves her friends and all the fun stuff they get to do.  I am so sad that this is her last year at her preschool.

Stuffed animals that move and make noise.  I know, I know.  One day I should break down and get these children a real pet.


Selah picked out the one with butterflies – a perfect choice for her, I thought.



What a ham.

And Selah’s New Years Eve birthday wouldn’t be complete without a few fireworks to celebrate.


Happy birthday my Selah girl!  We love you oh so much.


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