Playing Catch-Up

I’m wondering now if the name of this blog should be “playing catch-up”. One would think that things would settle down after the Christmas season, but they just don’t seem to.

In January, we celebrated Selah by giving her a little birthday party with some friends – her first “official” birthday party.  Poor second child born on New Year’s Eve.

IMG_0813IMG_0818IMG_0822 (2)

While she was happy to take a picture by herself, she wasn’t feeling the family shot. I never did get her to look the camera or smile.


But she enjoyed the whole blow-out-the-candles part.


Yay! There’s a smile!

I’m sure Valentine’s Day happened sometime in February, but as I sit here in March – I am not sure what we did for it except take this adorable picture of Jeff and the girls.


Love it. We are always ready for Valentine’s Day – enough hearts, pink, and red to last for days.

Pause once again while I try to remember what we did on Valentine’s Day. Nope, still nothing.

March was up next and so far has proved to be very eventful.

We started off with a bang and saw Macy earn her exemplary reader award at her elementary school. Such a proud moment for her and for me.

We also had several Go Texan days at the little girls’ school, including a pony ride for Selah.

Then we were off to Camp Tejas for spring break with our extended family.

We even managed to get a picture with all the cousins. This, in itself, is pretty miraculous.

More cousin time. ❤️

My kids love our spring break trip with family because it means staying outside ALL day, hot dogs for dinner and s’mores for dessert. They get tons of cousin/aunt/uncle/grandparent time. And they get to sleep in bunk beds! How could life be any better?

I have a feeling it will be tough to go back to school after spring break. 😴


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