March Madness

I have no idea why, but March always feels a bit crazy.  Winter is ending, spring break is happening, the school year is winding down.  I always have a lot I want to squeeze in – the rodeo, bluebonnet pictures, some kind of “vacation”, and Kate’s birthday.

We made a spontaneous decision to take the girls on a random Monday afternoon to the rodeo.  I love taking them and had hoped for a free weekend night, but that just wasn’t happening, so I threw on their boots and off we went.

(I’m cheating a bit here because these are from Go Texan day at the girls’ school…)


Ok, here we go!  Off to the rodeo!


I’m a sucker for a good barrel pic.  It reminds me of the very first time we took Macy to the rodeo –



We’ve got the whole rodeo thing down to a science.  Barrel pic, petting zoo, check out animals, go outside, ride the ponies, do Fun on the Farm, and eat. We are nothing if not efficient.



This was Kate’s first time on a pony ride.  I had some concerns because when the ponies came to her school, she was scared of them – but I guess watching her sisters do it first made her brave.

She did want to wait for the white pony though.


Best day ever.  Now on to the bluebonnets!


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