Baby Three is Three

Today is the day my littlest little turns three. Sigh. Her birthday snuck up on me this year (which it tends to do) and I finally decided that she had to have at least a little “party” at Chickfila.  Apparently, I’ve made this decision before for some other three year old birthday parties.  Two others, to be exact.

Once with Macy and her Minnie Mouse cake –


And once more with Selah and Tinkerbell –


And now it’s Kate’s turn! She chose Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle.


If this cake looks vaguely familiar, it should.  Selah chose it for her birthday.

Look, it’s my two children who love to pose – and the one who doesn’t.


Ok, ok.  Here’s all three.


Time to sing!


Make a wish, Kate-Kate!


That cake must be yummy.

IMG_7407 (2)

Quick pose with Avery


Our attempt at a family shot.  Lol.


Then time to go home to open some presents!


At three years old, Kate –

Is POTTY TRAINED!!! This is truly amazing, because wow. I have NO CHILDREN LEFT IN DIAPERS.  Let’s just pause for a second and appreciate this moment.

Ok, ok. Moment over.

Loves her family with all the feelings.  She always wants to go wherever someone is going – with Jeff to Home Depot, with Papa to the mailbox, with Macy and Selah to school.  She also loves her time with just mommy when the bigs are at school.

Eats a lot of sauce.  Cane’s sauce, Chickfila sauce, ketchup, salsa, ranch, you name it.  This girl loves her some sauce.

Runs really fast.  Especially when I am trying to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Can throw a fit with the best of them.  (Like right now, she’s throwing a fit about Legos.)

Likes to sit in my lap and read books. This doesn’t get to happen like it did when I only had one kiddo and I try to really savor it. She likes Brown Bear, Goodnight Gorilla, Pat the Bunny, Spot books, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Goodnight Moon.

Enjoys singing at the top of her lungs.  Especially in the car.

Loves her teachers and friends at school.

Has chosen pink as her favorite color.  Surprise, surprise.

Prefers her pink cowboy boots to any other shoes because she can put them on herself.


Oh my Kate-Kate. We love you so much.  No matter how big you get, you’ll always be our baby Kate. You were so wanted and so prayed for – even before we knew you were. Happy, happy birthday sweet girl.




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