The Bluebonnet Do-Over

When you are living life with kids, there are going to be times that require a do-over.  A mulligan.  A let’s-try-it-again.

I just never saw it coming with the bluebonnet pictures.

We usually do our bluebonnet pictures in the late afternoon/early evening when the sun is starting to go down so you don’t get that whole squinty eye thing.  I realize that this is not the most optimal time frame for children, but you gotta work with the sun here, people.  Usually, my bribery (ice cream for everyone!) and the fact that we are surrounded by flowers seems to supersede the fact that we are out during the “witching” hour. I even chose a weekend day so that we’d feel more rested.

None of this seemed to matter.

We got to the bayou and the whining started.

It’s hot.

I don’t feel good.

My arm hurts. (Macy had hurt her arm pretty badly at a birthday party right before the pictures)

When can we go home?

Well, this wasn’t going to be good.

About two seconds later, Macy cut her toe and started to bleed.  Now we had the hurt arm and the bleeding toe.

We pressed on. We tried to smile.  We tried to bribe. We tried it all, my friends.

It wasn’t looking good.

I left there feeling pretty defeated.

The good news was that my friend is amazing and despite all the crazy, she managed to get some beautiful shots of the girls individually.


This, in itself, was a miracle.

But because of the all the drama, none of them cooperated for the group shot.

This momma was sad.

Until my friend stepped in and saved the day.  She suggested that we come back and re-take the group shots. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

At the last minute, I suggested to the the girls that they all wear boots – mostly to protect their toes from cuts – and it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.  Nothing says Texas like little girls in pink boots surrounded by bluebonnets.



And one family shot – for prosperity sake of course. 😉


A very special thanks to my incredible friend, Emily, for taking these pictures for us. I will treasure them forever.

And thank you Lord for always giving us a do-over. 😊


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